Friday, April 13, 2007

Write With Your Friends Online!

Many of us have occasion to collaborate on the writing of a document. This can be a task fraught with difficulty. How to go about it? I've done this a few times in the of the group members creates the Word doc and emails it to the rest of the group. Each member takes a shot at editing, then one member compiles all the changes. This process goes through a few more repetitions until everyone is more or less happy with the document. There are multiple copies on everyone's computer, left over like already-been chewed gum, except it's not always as easy to tell which is the final copy and which are the ABC gum. Messy, and inefficient.

Here comes WriteWith to the rescue. With WriteWith you and your group can:
  • Upload documents to the web
  • Assign tasks to others and share docs with them
  • Edit together, chat, and see changes as soon as they happen
  • Comprehensive history for each doc
If all you want to do is work together on a document, why mess around with collaboration sites that have stuff you don't need or want, like task-lists and calendars? Check out WriteWith. Sounds like a plan to me. Click the graphic topside to visit the site.

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