Friday, April 27, 2007

Weebly : Free Website Creation

Another place to create your own web site for no money down, no payments till the sun expands and scorches the earth to a smoking cinder (it's free). Weebly is billed as the place where creating a web site is made easy.

Features include:
  • Easy Drag & Drop Interface
  • Variety of Designs
  • Numerous Content Elements Photos, Videos, Maps, and more
  • Free Hosting
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
How it works:
Adding Content

Content elements, such as videos, pictures, maps, and text are added to your website by simply dragging them from the Weebly bar to your webpage. We have a bunch of cool elements and add more all the time. Are we missing an element you'd like? Suggest it, and we'll include it as soon as we can.

Choosing a Design

Deciding on a look for your website couldn't be easier. Click over to the "Design" tab and you'll see thumbnails pictures of available designs. Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to preview the new look instantaneously or click the thumbnail to select it as the design for your website.

Customizing the Content

Once elements have been added to your page, customize everything just by double-clicking. Double-click a picture to upload a new one, double-click text to change it, or double-click a map to set the address. Rearrange the elements by dragging them into an new order.

Managing Your Pages

Adding and organizing your website's pages is completed in the "Pages" tab. When you add new page to your website, it's automatically added to the navigation bar. Reordering pages is simple, just drag and drop them into place.

Publishing Your Website

Choose if you'd like your website hosted as a subdomain of or as a custom domain that you registered yourself. Publishing only takes a few seconds, and once complete, will make your website accessible to the world. Weebly hosting is 100% free.

Weebly is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5+/7 and Firefox 1.5+/2.0 on Windows, Firefox 1.5+/2.0 on Linux and Firefox 1.5+/2.0 on Mac OS X.
Click on the logo below to check it out.

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