Friday, April 13, 2007

Secure Backup, Organization and Sharing with Egnyte

A very useful Web 2.0 site that puts 3 great things together into one seamless package: Egnyte. Eqnyte will give you a full Gigabyte of backup data storage. It backs up and stores files, emails and tags. It also organizes your data according to tags and threaded conversations. Finally, it shares the data you want to share in a searchable format. Other people can find your shared data and you can easily find theirs.

If you work on one more computers or email accounts, having your critical information backed up and accessible anywhere is a common need. Most current solutions provide a basic backup, but fall short in other areas. For example: You can backup files but you cannot easily archive emails; You cannot easily search for and find information within your backup.

It's very different with Egnyte.

Simply “Activate” file or email folders and archive information from multiple computers, email accounts into your workspace. With emails, Egnyte goes beyond just storing the Email file (for e.g. the .PST file if you use Outlook); instead Egnyte archives specific messages directly from within your email client (like Outlook, Thunderbird) or via a POP protocol for web based email services."

Check them out by clicking on the graphic topside. (Via KillerStartups)

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