Saturday, April 07, 2007

Put Mobile Voicemail on Your Desktop

I just found a service named callwave that (for free, mind you) will allow you to create widgets to put your own mobile voicemail on your desktop, and send SMS messages to any cell phone. (The widgets can be configured to work with Apple, Google, Vista and Yahoo.) Here's their blurb:
By helping your phone and PC buddy up (like iPod® and iTunes®), our services help you do amazing things. Like screen calls on your PC, get faxes by email, save voicemails for as long as you want and more. And usually for free (or pretty cheap)! See why the buddy system isn't just for kids.
They call these Visual Voicemail and Text Widgets, and these two are free. They also have some paid services, like Visual Fax-to-Email and Visual Voicemail for Home.

Check it out by clicking on the graphic below.

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