Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No One Here But Us Chickens - Mozilla Unveils Coop Prototype

If you're the type of web savvy devil-may-care Internet user who likes to try things before they're ready for wide distribution, you might be interested in Mozilla Lab's newest release, the much anticipated Coop. Here's a bit more about it from the Mozilla Wiki:
The Coop is a Firefox addon in development that will let users keep track of what their friends are doing online, and share new and interesting content with one or more of those friends. It will integrate with popular web services, using their existing data feeds as a transport mechanism.

Users will see their friends' faces, and by clicking on them will be able to get a list of that person's recently added Flickr photos, favorite YouTube videos, tagged websites, composed blog posts, updated Facebook status, etc. If a user wants to share something with a friend, they simply drag that thing onto their friend's face. When they receive something from a friend, that friend's face glows to get the user's attention.

Perhaps the most common social interaction on the web today is sending someone a link. It's done over IM, email, weblogs, RSS feeds from aggregator sites, bookmark sharing sites like, social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, and even over the phone. The desire is the same: "hey, friend, go check out this neat thing and then let's talk about it!"

The goal of The Coop is to ease this interaction, and merge it with similar tools provided by a large number of popular web services.

Currently the service only works with Facebook, but it looks pretty good and will certainly be updated soon. To give it a try, click on the screenshot. (Via

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