Friday, April 06, 2007

Make Your Firefox More

One of the (if not the) best social bookmarking services has just announced its new Firefox add-on, and it's pretty sweet. The bookmarklet add-on lets you create, search and manage your bookmarks right in the browser bar. You'll also notice a big speed improvement. This from Nick Nguyen, Product Manager:
For the past few months, we've been working on a new Bookmarks extension for Firefox. We quietly released it to the community to see what would happen, and we've been constantly working on it to make it great for our core community of users. Since that launch, we've received loads of great feedback and have been working non stop to address the biggest requests from the community.

After months of hard work, I'm pleased to officially announce the new extension. It has the same two buttons as the old one, but they do so much more. The biggest change is that we now integrate all your bookmarks right in the browser. From the new sidebar you can sort and search your bookmarks instantly, view tag intersections, and even modify your bookmarks. The new toolbar is also great - you can select what tags you want to see in your toolbar, show all the bookmarks with a given tag, and even view your bundles. Of course, livemarks and keywords are both fully supported.

If you still love the classic extension, not to worry, it's still around. Otherwise, visit our help page to learn more about the extension or just go ahead and install it! Feedback is always welcome, so come on down to our group to talk about the extension some more.

Give it a whirl by going here.

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