Friday, April 13, 2007

Lasso Your Friends with Loopster

OK, I'm not a social animal like you, so I don't have 15 million online "friends," but I do have one or two, so I decided to bring them together with Loopster, a site that lets you keep up with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, and LiveJournal and Blogger. Here's what they say:
“Loopster was founded on the idea that managing relationships online is often a tedious chore. Back when your friends were defined by the people you see every day we never had to worry about this. If something happened in someone's life they told you. Now that social networking has moved to the internet a hole has developed because people are choosing to just put that information online in a number of different places most often with no indication that anything has happened. With the number of places a person can go to maintain their information increasing every passing month, the number of places we each need to go to keep up with the pulse of our social groups is rapidly increasing. Here at Loopster we our aim is to make it easier to know when something is happening in the lives of people you care about.

We have no desire to be a new social networking or blog site. There are so many of them out there already that the last thing we want to do is increase the burden of looking for the information you care about. We also do not believe our service is in any way diverting traffic from other sites. On the contrary, by making it easier to see when something has changed about a person we believe we are driving traffic to these sites and adding value to our users as well as to the other social networking sites. The average user will not sit down when they have a few minutes to click on every one of their friend/contacts/subscriptions on every site out there to see if something has changed. It is just too much work to go to 20 different sites and check up on everything you would want to. On the other hand, when someone visits Loopster and sees activity on someone else's account they can go right to the page where the information was posted.”

Click on the graphic up top to give it a try. (Via KillerStartups)

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