Thursday, April 19, 2007

Google Search with No Terms

Google has just launched a couple of new features for those of you who use its Search History tool. First, there's a button that you add to the Google toolbar that looks like a pair of dice. I guess the idea is, you're gambling on where it will take you. It's called the recommendations button, and it will take you to other sites that you may be interested in, based on your past searches. You can keep trying up to 50 times in a day.

The second feature? Google's blog says, "If you prefer to get your information at a glance, we've added a recommendations tab that you can add to your personalized homepage. Simply click on "Add A Tab" on your Google Personalized Homepage, and type in "Recommendations" for the tab name (keep the "I'm feeling lucky" checkbox checked). We'll give you a page of recommendations that are updated daily."

If you don't already have the latest Google toolbar, you can get it, along with any other tools in the Google Pack, here. If you already have the toolbar, you can click here to add the button.

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