Saturday, April 28, 2007

For Newsletter Lovers: Letterpop

What are newsletter lovers? People who carry on an affair through newsletters? No. I'm talking about people who love to create and send newsletters. Are you one? Or are you potentially one? If so, you'll really enjoy this Web 2.0 site.

Here are just some of the things you can do free on Letterpop:
  • Family Newsletters for the holidays
  • Announcements for birthdays, weddings, and more
  • Newsletters for your small business
  • Updates for your club
  • The latest news for your mom's group
  • Whatever your imagination can cook up!
Some more in their own words:
Why is LetterPop! such a great idea?


"LetterPop is the fastest and most enjoyable way to create great-looking newsletters online. Just checkout our Explore page and see many exceedingly creative examples of things you can make with LetterPop. And then give it a try yourself. It's free!"

And also...

"LetterPop has tons of great-looking templates. All you need to do is add your beautiful pictures and thoughtful text. Friends and family will be impressed!"

And further...

"LetterPop is perfectly integrated with Honestly, being creative has hardly ever been easier and more enjoyable... at least online."
Check them out by clicking on the graphic below!

(Via TechnoBuzz)

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