Friday, April 20, 2007

Find Home Health Care with CarePilot

As the demographics of our population continues to skew to the right (in terms of age, indicating increasing numbers of elderly), more of us are finding a need to investigate the home health care option. But where to start?

CarePilot is a Web 2.0 site that will show you the way. From their home page you can quickly and easily:
  • Search for nurses, home health aides, physical therapists and much more
  • Obtain detailed profiles of 8,000+ home health agencies
  • Connect and share with caregivers
According to CarePilot,
CarePilot is the Internet's leading source of information on local home health agencies and services. Helping select the right care option for an aging relative or friend is a daunting task and a major decision. With one out of every two people in the United States 65 and older expected to ultimately need long-term care, CarePilot enables individuals to search for, compare, and select from more than 8,000 Medicare-certified home health care providers in communities throughout the U.S.

CarePilot represents a new direction in Internet-based, consumer health services. While there are numerous online resources that provide quality educational health care information, there is a dearth of useful sites that provide detailed information on the actual health care providers themselves - the companies, organizations, institutions, and people who actually provide the "care" in health care.

With individual consumers increasingly making health care spending decisions, CarePilot is providing the information necessary for people to make informed choices by offering an intuitive, easy-to-use comparison tool for health care services in communities throughout the U.S. We will be adding additional health care service providers, such as nursing homes and hospitals, in the coming months.
Whether the need is immediate or down the road a bit, this may be a good time to make yourself more familiar with the issue. Click on the logo above to visit the site.

(Via KillerStartups)

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