Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do You Know Where You Can Stikkit?

Here's a really, really cool web app that puts digital sticky notes together with some smarts to create something really useful. Here are just some of the wonderful things you can do with Stikkit...

Gather your peeps

Stikkit gathers phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and other useful bits of information about the people you meet and know — over time and across stikkits. More than outdated scribbles in your address book, Stikkit peeps are up to date, in context, and as interconnected as your life is.
Plan a meeting

Planning a meeting with Stikkit is easy. Set a date, list agenda items, and invite people to the meeting by sharing a stikkit with them. During the meeting, use the same stikkit to store notes and action items -- no need to pass around a separate set of meeting minutes.

Share and comment on ideas

You can share your stikkits with other people whether they have Stikkit accounts or not. Sharing a stikkit with someone allows them to make edits, or simply add comments, complete with a history of who did what to the stikkit.

Plan a trip

Stikkit works with your email, so you can forward notes to Stikkit (or BCC: Stikkit on any note you write). Stikkit will transform the email message into a stikkit, automatically noting your events, to-dos, contacts, and bookmarks.
This one I've signed up for, it's a must-have. Visit the site here or watch the screencast that explains how Stikkit works here.

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