Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blogging Bulletin: Get Your Blog on MySpace News

Many of you have probably heard by now that MySpace has branched out into the social model-driven delivery of news. MySpace is a monster, so this should also be quite big. If you're a blogger and want to get your blog known around and about, you might want to submit your site's feed to MySpace News. According to The Blog Herald,
The user experience on MySpace News is decidedly simple. The story submission process couldn’t be more easy… because there isn’t one. Stories are aggregated from feeds being indexed by MySpace. If you haven’t submitted your blog’s feed yet, be sure to get on this rocket on the ground floor. If it passes their staff’s quality control measures then you’re in. No word yet on what requirements a feed has to meet to get its contents listed. Being owned by the same corporation that owns Fox News, I have to wonder if the contents of MySpace News will not be subject to the same kind of infamously shady journalistic practices. However, so far it looks pretty “fair and balanced.”
Give them a chance to have your feed here.

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