Saturday, April 21, 2007

Add Your Favicon to Blogger (and other platforms)

If you've got a blogger blog, you're probably happy with the platform, but one thing bugs you: the orange "B" favicon. It's so generic and it lumps your blog in with all the others. Can't have that. So you try to find a way to get your own, personalized favicon to displace that B. But how?

I've found the easiest way to do create and get the code for your own favicon and to place it on your blog, blogger or not. How? you say. Simple, I say.

Just hop on over to MyFavatar, register, give them your blog info, upload a roughly square-shaped picture from your hard drive, grab the code and put it where they tell you (right after the tag).

Only one caveat. I couldn't find a way to have them host more than one favicon besides registering additional accounts. If you know a simpler way, please comment.

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