Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To Defrag or Not to Defrag?

With computers, there are often two opposing schools of thought. You have the shut-downers and leave-runningers. (Shut it down: Save electricity, be more carbon neutral, less vulnerable to hackers, less wear and tear. Leave it running: Saves time, less wear and tear due to startups, allows utilities to run when machine is not in use.) Then you have the defraggers and the leave-it-alone-that's-a-waste-of-timers. Some techs say that hard drives run so fast today that fragmented files don't make any appreciable difference in file-fetching times. But then others say that a severely fragmented drive can indeed slow things down. Who's right? I have no idea. So I'm going to test it out in an entirely unscientific, subjective way. I've dowloaded and run a trial version of Vopt 8.3 for Windows, and over the next few hours I'll see if I notice any improvement in my PCs performance. Hey, things seem to be running faster! Try it for yourself here.