Saturday, March 03, 2007

Software Scavengers, Unite!

That is what we are. And we're (somewhat) proud of it. We search for and find the best free software around. Why pay when you don't have to, right? (Sometimes we have to pay, but we don't have to like it.) I recently found a humongous cache of free stuff for your Windows Mobile/Pocket PC device. The only problem is that our PPC devices can't hold an infinite number of apps. The whole limited storage/memory thing. Someday that'll be just a bad memory. Anyway, knowing that you have to be choosy, you'll find it easy enough to search through the multitude of titles on offer at Freeware Pocket PC to find the ones you need and want. They've got a wide variety of categories, and they're all tagged for easy search, everything from bible to browsers, communication to currency...and on through the alphabet, you get it. You can visit the site by clicking here.