Sunday, March 11, 2007

Seek, and Ye Shall Find

Once again I've combed the Internet and found a new product to tell you about. I am so freaking helpful! As you no doubt already know, the web is vast and wonderful and a bit frightening. (Only a few fearless fellows like me are brave enough to venture forth into its very maw, sifting the good from the bad and the merely useless.) We need help if we are to make use of all the web has to offer. We need a way to find useful information hiding in the haystacks. The fact of the matter is that search technologies are at the forefront of the effort to do just that, provide time-saving means to find and save that gold amongst the dross.

Here's just such a technology, cutely called TWERQ. Some of TWERQ's features:
  • The Internet's first and only search tool to feature tabbed results.
  • Use less memory than multiple browser tabs or windows
  • Convenience of one browser tab or window for all searches.
  • Instantly flip through and compare or view multiple results, feeds and images.
  • Reduce the repetition of entering or re-entering search terms.
  • Find information faster by simultaneously searching different terms.
  • Save, Group and Open Searches
  • Shortlist results, stories and images.
  • Personalize settings and searches.
  • Take your settings and searches anywhere.
Click on the graphic below to check it out.