Friday, March 02, 2007

No Direction Home

This is a very nice solution to a common problem. Let me set the scenario. You're having a party. Yes, you are. You've invited a bunch of friends, at least the ones who haven't screwed you (figuratively) lately. Some of them don't know the way to your house. If they were halfway self-sufficient, they'd be able to plug your address into Google Maps and show up at your place with nary a hint of neediness. Would that we lived in such a world. No, you'll have to guide these morons to your door. What do you do?

I can see that you are scratching your head. There are lots of flakes falling. Please stop. Here's the answer: It's called The way it works is, you enter your address and have the map find your house. Or apartment, of condo, whatever, don't get me confused. Then you use the toolbox to place waypoints, notes, points of interest, lines, etc. on the map. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, yeah. Give the map a name, set a password to view it, then email the info to your dopey friends. They can then click on the URL you sent them, enter the password, and view the excellent map you created for them. Then, if they still can't find the party, screw 'em.

Here's where you can find the site.