Monday, March 05, 2007

Hey Fella, Can You Spare an Hour?

Thank you congress! As if we didn't have enough confusion in our lives, you had to go and create just a bit more, didn't you? Hey, Daylight Saving Time was doing fine. Why'ja haf'ta go mess with it? Huh? I hasn't been that long since I got the thing figured out, with the first Sunday in April and the last one in October. Now it's the, what, second Sunday in March and the first one in November? That's going to to be a bitch to remember.

And hey, that's not the only part that'll be confusing. Your computer and your PDA may have a bit of difficulty making the switch too. Unless to download and run the right patches before the 11th. What happens if you don't? Then your computer and PDA won't know what the time is for 3 weeks! Say it ain't so!

At least they don't expect the world to end. That means it just might.