Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dissecting Edwards

What do I have against John Edwards? Why do I keep posting about his candidacy, and why are all of these posts of the negative variety? Please re-read the title of this post. We are here to dissect John Edwards, not me. All I can say about my posts is that I don't cotton to him. I'm not sure why. But what's interesting to me is that 45% of the rest of America doesn't cotton to him either. Let's examine the possible reasons for that little statistic. (If you're wondering where I got that info, I heard it from Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday, not 10 minutes ago. So it's true.)

Why does Johnny-boy have higher negs than Hillary? Forty-five percent of the electorate say they'd never vote for him. Por que? I offer my own reasons:
  • He is dishonest. Although I can't recall specifics, I do remember getting that impression when he was Al's running mate. When a candidate proclaims things that you know he knows are false, and you sense that he's saying them because he thinks that they are the things people want to hear, you come to the conclusion that he's a lying SOB.
  • His hair is too perfect. No need to elaborate on this one.
  • His smarmy accent adds to the already strong odor of hucksterism (huckster - a seller of shoddy goods).

That's all I can come up with in terms of a rationale for my dislike. The fact is, my reaction to him is gut-level, visceral, difficult to define. I am very interested to know how you feel.