Friday, March 09, 2007

Books: Why Buy When Borrowing is So Much Funner?

Many years ago, I used to buy books. Now, I am a reading animal. I read books like my life depended on it. So you can imagine what my book-buying budget must have looked like. Oh, I tried to be somewhat frugal by selling the ones I'd read to used-books stores, but it still cost quite a bit to keep up my reading habits. And if I didn't like a book I'd gone and spent money on, well that hurt like the dickens. All that changed when I discovered that I could get any book I wanted from my local library, and I could get them without searching for them and being disappointed when the one I wanted was checked out. How do I do it?

First I check with Barnes & Noble's Books Coming Soon web site to get advance notice about books from my favorite authors. A few of my faves don't always get included in their list, so I do some searches for those in particular every so often.

Next, I go to my local library's web site and find the books I want. Then I place a hold on them so that I'll be notified by email when my books are ready for me to pick up.

Finally, I stop by the library and pick up my book. What could be simpler?

Sometimes I'll browse the recently published section to see if I can find a new author that I like. I'll grab 10 or so likely looking tomes. I might end up liking one or two, and then I have another favorite author to scan for.

I'm not the type of person who will read a novel more than once, so why should I own it? My property taxes are already paying for the library, so why not take advantage of it?

Have fun!