Monday, February 26, 2007

When Automation Drives You Insane

I love it when things can be put on automatic. Automatic pool cleaner. Yippee! Automatic coffee maker. Yowza! Automatic transmission. Bam! Automatic phone system. Crap! Getting stuck in phone system hell is hell. All I want is a person to talk to. The computer cannot understand that I need to pour out my heart to a customer service rep. (The one time you can always get a person is when you are calling about buying something. They'll answer you lickety-split then!) No matter what number I press, I keep getting more options I don't need or want. What can I do?

I've found that pressing zero works some of the time, taking me right to a human being. But it is not always effective. I've got a tip for you that will make a gargantuan difference in the balance of power between you and whichever phone system enemy you happen to be doing battle with. This tip will shift a huge pile of the power to you! Here it is...gethuman 500 database! This web site has compiled a list of 500 big companies and the secret ways to dial your way to a real live person (at least we think it's a person...if not, it doesn't matter because you can't tell the difference). Check it out here!