Saturday, February 17, 2007

Planning a Revolution? Use Collectivex to Get it Done!

Planning your revolution just got a lot easier. No matter your outlook or how you want to change things, Collectivex can get you there. (I'm being facetious, folks, take note!) Seriously though, this social networking tool should be used to further the aims of whatever kind of group you need to put together, be it family, friends, a non-profit, or a business. I just formed my own group, which I hope to use to help all its participants achieve their individual aims. It's often true that we can be much more successful in achieving our goals when we have the right people to help us. It's called synergy, and even though the term has been overused, the principle works. Here's what its creator says:
“CollectiveX was born out of my personal frustration. Being involved with several organizations, boards and informal groups, I receive an abundance of meeting and event notices. More often than not, I forget to add them to my calendar. Through these groups, I have also accumulated a large Rolodex of business cards from people I have met on a surface level, but had no time to gain enough knowledge about their backgrounds, interests and contacts to really know them on a deeper level.

CollectiveX was created so that I, and others like me, could stay informed about group related activities and maximize our return on involvement by building deeper working relationships with fellow group members.”

I'll keep you abreast of my network's development and how its members benefit from each other's participation. Give it a try at