Monday, February 19, 2007

Listen to Murtha, Wear a Burka?

Damn, I don't know what to believe anymore! You've got just about everyone and their sister saying that pulling out of Iraq will bring on the Apocalypse. Now, Jack Murtha says that's not true. After the WMD debacle, and the failure of Bush's strategy to create a stable and safe Iraq (at least so far), I've lost some of my earlier confidence in the administration's prognosis. (I can hear George Costanza now...Prognosis, Negatiiiive!)

So now Jack is telling us that a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq wouldn't bring forth the cataclysmic disaster prophesied by the purveyors of conventional wisdom. According to Jack, if we get the hell out of there, Al Qaeda will pack up and go back to their caves, the insurgents will lay down their arms and Iran's mullocracy will go quiescent.

So who is right? If we listen to Murtha, will we be wearing burkas? Or will peace and tranquility and prosperity descend upon the land once again? What do you think?