Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Have a Web Site? Use Skype? Grab a Skype Button!

More and more people are using Skype (a system that allows phone calls via the Internet) as a primary means of communication, whether for business or pleasure. Also, more and more folks have at least one web site or blog. Why not combine the two by placing a "Call Me" Skype button on your web site? In my quest to increase my blogs' readerships, I think it would be great to provide an easy means for readers to give me a Skype call. Perhaps I'm being naive and I'll either get no calls or calls from strangeoids. But if you've got friends who visit your site and want to ease their means of calling you, this could be just what the physician prescribed. You can get your free Skype account here, and your button or balloon here.

Skype Me™!