Monday, February 05, 2007

Especially for Listophiles: Ta-Da Lists!

I think you know who you are. You really really really love to make lists. Lists of anything. It doesn't matter what. You will make lists of what you got for every birthday you ever had, all your boyfriends or girlfriends, and every single person you ever kissed. You certainly make lists of things to do, and you check off every item as soon as it's completed. This web app is for you. You can make lists of lists, and you can even share your lists if you want to. Wow!

What about if you aren't a listophile? What if you just need a place to make a list that's accessible to you everywhere there's a computer? What if you're planning something with other people that makes a list necessary? Yes, you too can use this web app. Ta-Da Lists makes it easy to:
  • Keep track of all the little things you need to get done
  • Make lists for other people (co-workers, friends, family)
  • Share lists with the world ("My favorite movies of 2004")
  • Subscribe to your lists in RSS so you're always on track
Click here to visit and see if it can meet all your list-making needs.