Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conserve Your Clicks

View summaries of web pages by hovering over links! No need to click, no need to be switched to a new page! It really works! OK, enough of the histrionics. Back to low-key and smug. iReader works as advertised. Install it as a Firefox extension (there's also an IE version) and when you hover over a link, a small speech-balloon icon appears. When you move your pointer over the balloon (which is very unobtrusive), a brief summary of the information the link leads to will be shown. This looks like it will be a very convenient little tool, letting you know whether or not you want to expend the energy to actually click on the link. You need to conserve your energy, don't you? Moving to a whole new web page can really take it out of a person. Visit the iReader site here. I like the extension. You will too. (How's that for smug?)