Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sometimes They Just Don't Work

Just to remind my readers about the value I bring to the table through my blog, I will take the time to share with you one of the many bits of software I have tried that either don't work or gum up my system. You see, you can consider me and this blog to be a sort of filtering system for various web site or software offerings. There's my initial filter, which spots useless or redundant or otherwise untrustworthy stuff as I travel the Internet's less well known arteries. I look at the stuff and say, "No! I will not waste my readers' time with this nonsense!" And I move on. Then, there's another filter, this one even more valuable to you. When I find something that looks intriguing, I try it myself. I say to myself, "Look Barry, before you recommend this thing, you have to try it yourself." If it is problematic, I won't waste your time or endanger your equanimity with it. (I realize that, just because it is problematic for me, does not guarantee that it will be so for you, but I don't want to take that chance.)

So I'll pass on one of these rejected items that passed my first filter but failed to successfully navigate my second. It is an Ubuntu (Linux) installation that promises to allow me to boot to Ubuntu at startup. I liked the idea of a simple way to set this up. Well, after taking all night to download, and consuming almost 7GB of disk space, when I tried to boot to Ubuntu, I received an error message. No can do. So, try it if you like, but it sure didn't work for me. (Click on the image to visit the installer web site.)