Friday, January 05, 2007

Say Goodbye to the GB

Pretty soon you won't be talking GBs (gigabytes) in reference to hard drive capacity any more. You'll be talking TBs (terabytes), which are worth 1,000 GBs. Hitachi is set to put on the shelves the first 1.0 TB drive, which you'll see in new computers in the first quarter of this year. I think my first computer had a 20 MB drive. The new drive would be able to swallow 50,000 of those! The new drive will be able to hold 250,000 mp3 songs. That would take you 2 years to listen to without any breaks. No doubt we'll find ways to fill this behemoth. We'll be speaking in GB terms still for RAM (do you remember Under Siege 2: Dark Territory? When the bad guy mentioned that his laptop had "a gig of RAM," we all gasped in shock. I have "a gig of RAM" in my desktop, and it's not enough! You'll need 2 gigs to run Vista comfortably, for crying out loud. Yes, the machines will soon be in control at this rate.