Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Better Way to Do Event Registration: regonline!

I've organized countless events in my career, some as small as 20 participants, some with 5,000, and each and every time, handling registrations was a huge undertaking. Designing registration forms, printing, mailing, receiving forms and processing them, collecting checks, and on and on. I wish that there had been an easier way. There is now. If you want to come into the 21st century and make your event-planning a breeze, visit regonline to see how simple it can be.

regonline has custom forms, credit card processing, rapid reports and automated follow up for your attendees. They'll do your name badges, arrange travel and lodging, the list goes on and on. Your guests can go online to see your latest event announcements. They can see the event agenda, the location and time of each activity. Everything is beautifully arranged in the intuitive interface. When you visit their site, you'll be given the opportunity to log in as a guest so you can take a test drive to see how it works. There's a video tour, a live demo, sample forms to look at, and lots of help if you need it.

Whether you're planning a family reunion or a major business conference, you ought to give this amazing site a look-see. You can visit the regonline event registration system to find out more.