Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is Anyone Listening?

The political junkies are almost ablaze with passion! They are shaking with feverish delight and unbearable anticipation! The pund-idiots are wild-eyed and without breath. All because of 2008, that magical year when the unimaginable can be not merely imagined, but soberly contemplated. A woman could become President! A black man could become President (or at least Vice-President)! The Democrats could control the entire federal government! They could eventually control the Supremes! Wow!

But the thing is, hardly anyone in America is listening. No one is paying any attention. America won't start paying attention until October 2008, if then. Then America will begin thinking about the elections. Then it will begin wondering, "What day are the elections? They're coming up soon, aren't they?" Jay Leno will do his "Idiot in the Street" surveys, when people will hilariously misidentify the candidates, Obama will be Tiger Woods and John McCain will be "that guy who does the news." No one will misidentify Hillary. They wouldn't dare.

What does this lack of even feigned interest say about our country? Is it a good thing? Are we lucky that Americans are too busy making this country work to pay attention to politics? Are people in this country too smart to believe that politics will make their lives any better or worse? Or is this a very bad thing? Is America's apathy about political happenings a dark omen that foreshadows the end of all things?

I really don't have any idea. Do you? If so, please comment. (If you disagree with my entire premise, well, that was bound to happen.)