Monday, January 01, 2007

Greg Iles: "True Evil"

My readers know, or have deduced, that I am a voracious reader, and that I recommend to you books I've read and enjoyed. Last night I finished Greg Iles' newest, "True Evil." It was 509 pages of un-putdownable pleasure. Greg's novels are top notch. Here's an excerpt from chapter one:
"For a hostage negotiator, Alex had committed the ultimate sin, and she'd come close to paying the ultimate price. Because the shooter had fired through a plate-glass partition, what would have been a miraculous escape (being grazed by a couple of pellets that could have blown her brains out but hadn't) became a life-altering trauma. A blizzard of glass tore through her cheek, sinuses, and jaw, lacerating her skin and ripping away tissue and bone. The plastic surgeons had promised great things, but so far the results were less than stellar. They'd told her that in time the angry pink worms would whiten (they could do little to repair the "punctate" depressions in her cheek), and that laymen wouldn't even notice the damage. Alex wasn't convinced. But in the grand scheme of things, what did vanity matter? Five seconds after she was shot, someone else had paid the ultimate price for her mistake."

I promise, you will love this book. Get it here.