Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Control a PC Remotely (with permission, of course)

I've often found myself in the situation where someone calls me for help with a PC problem, and I ask them to describe the problem in detail so that I can visualize what's going on. That's where things can get hairy, because I'm not able to look over the person's shoulder. Here's one of a number of applications that allow remote desktop access over the web; this one is free and has a very clean interface and lets of useful features. You may be asked to help someone with their PC issues: Send them a copy of this app and have them give you permission to access their PC. You may need help. If you have this app installed you can get your favorite guru to fix you up. A third scenario: You're at work and need to grab a file from your home PC. Here's your solution. It's called iRemotePC and you can get it here.