Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Useful Firefox Extension: Clippings

There have been people who've tried to test the upper limit of just how many extensions they could load Firefox with before it wouldn't run anymore. I try to keep them to a reasonable number myself. If I find that I never use one, I'll eventually get rid of it, and if I see a new one that looks like it'd be useful, I'll install it and see. Right now I'm running 47 extensions with no difficulties.

This one I just discovered today looks like it'll scratch an itch I've had for a good little while. With my blogs always needing more exposure, I try to add their URLs into any forum posts I write, or into my comments on other people's blogs. This can definitely become a burden if I have to type them out over and over. This is where the Clippings extension comes in. As you can see with the graphic, it adds a contextual menu item to forms so you can easily paste whatever text you don't want to have to type in ad infinitum.

Another great use for the extension is to add different signatures to your web mail. Give it a try if you think it might serve your needs. Get it here.