Monday, January 08, 2007

Alright Everybody, Out of the (Wireless) Pool!

Now that we all have wireless networks set up in our homes, we find out there's a new, easier way to do it. This stuff is just moving too fast. I've got a wireless setup, and I've helped a bunch of people get wireless going it their homes. But now, if I ever have to redo it, I'd probably go with PowerLine. Here's the latest from crave on the new Linksys HomePlug PowerLine AV Ethernet Kit (PLK200):
"Setting up a PowerLine Ethernet network is one of the simplest ways to create a network capable of throughput fast enough to transfer high-definition data (such as video) smoothly. Simply plug in your first adapter to your router via Ethernet cable and plug it into an electrical outlet. The second adapter plugs into a different power outlet and you can connect a PC or any other networkable device to the second adapter, also via Ethernet. The two adapters communicate and send data via the electrical network in your house. As with other PowerLine Ethernet adapters we've checked out (such as the ones from Netgear and Zyxel) the Linksys PowerLine Ethernet network can support up to 16 devices.

We've really liked the ones we've seen, and with the 802.11n spec still not finalized, we think PowerLine networks are the quickest and easiest way for consumers to get a high-def-friendly network up and running. Linksys's PowerLine AV Ethernet offerings are available immediately. The two-adapter kit costs $180 and each additional adapter costs $120."
If you're new to home networking, this is a great way to start one up. Relatively inexpensive, and a breeze to set up. (Since I haven't tried it yet, my recommendation is positive, but not unequivocal. Whatever that means.)