Saturday, December 02, 2006

Test Your Bandwidth - Getting What You Paid For?

What kind of download and upload speeds were you promised by your ISP? We all know, or should know, that those promises are more theoretical than real-world, meaning that you'll never see them. But you ought to be close enough, right? There's a way to find out. Or how about this...for some reason, your internet connection seems to have slowed down dramatically lately. What's up with that? It's annoying, I know. But it may just be your imagination. You know how impatient you can be. Let's find out. Here's a very nice Speed Test site with cool graphics that'll let you choose the closest server to your current geographical location and see how fast your connection will download and upload data. Click here to see if you're getting anything close to what you paid for. (Warning: If you are using dialup, don't try this. You'll just get depressed and I don't want to be held responsible.)