Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tempted to Become a Hermit?

I would imagine that we've all felt the urge, not to merge, but to diverge. You know, to get away from people for a while. Sometimes we just don't want to be around people. As Jerry Seinfeld said once: "People. They're the worst." But if we were ever to wake up to a world where we really were alone, that would be the worst. Because we, as Cesar Milan would say, are pack animals. Evolved to hang out with other people. There are exceptions, however. There are people who can actually thrive by being utterly by themselves. Perhaps you are one of those people. Not sure if you'd like it? I found this web site devoted to those who are interested in what being a hermit is all about. It's called Hermitary, which is a cell annexed to an abbey for the use of a hermit. Click here to visit.