Monday, December 04, 2006

A New Way to Find Local Businesses

I know you don't want to have to dig out the actual Yellow Pages from the closet, or where ever that 10-pound, used-to-be-a-tree thing is hidden. There's an easier way to find local! You could type in what you're looking for, say, a local jeweler, because you want to buy a ring for your sweetheart for Christmas, or a music store for a Britney Spears CD for your daughter's birthday, into a regular search engine and then wade through the listings to find a relevant result. That's a no-go. What works much better is a local search. These aren't that new, but has just today introduced a very nice, highly effective tool called Ask City. I tried it for my local area and found many more pertinent results than other tools provided. Check it out here.