Sunday, December 17, 2006

Learn Your Alpha-Bravo-Charlies

don't know how many times I find myself on the phone with some customer service rep or whomever, and I need to spell out something for them, literally (and I mean literally in the literal sense).

The problem is, when I try to make sure they know which letter I'm saying, I'm usually searching my brain to the "as in" part. Say I'm trying to spell out my blog's URL, to make sure they have it right. This is me: b as in, ah, bunion. a as in...aardvark. r as in rat. And so it goes, sometimes I come up with something so stupid I end up in stitches and can't go on.

Does that happen to you, too? Hey, what do you know? We have something in common! But unless you have some military or law enforcement training, or watch way too much
Cops, this will keep on happening, until you learn what some call the Military Alphabet. I'm going to save you the trouble of searching for it and include it as a graphic right here. Over and out.