Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Latest Political Roundup

What better way to begin life-after-Christmas than to get a jump on all the subterranean political rumblings? The year 2007 will be filled with swarms of mini-politico-tremblors which will break out at the command of politicos and the press who help them, all in the service of the 2008 elections. So, let's put our ears to the ground! Do you hear what I hear?

Ariana points to Joe Biden attempting to sell his brand of honesty to set himself apart from the rest of the Democratic herd. The Citizen Journal asks, is Iraq Vietnam, or is it WWIII? The Daily Kos points to the NYT eye-opener about Iranians detained in Iraq by the U.S. That one should prove to be interesting. Outside the Beltway reports on the Justice Dept.'s "massive database" under construction, which will become a source of massive debate. The American Thinker is pondering the future of North Korea and a possible U.S. Navy quarantine. That would be scary.

So now you have a bit of foresight, or forehearing, into what may be coming in 2007. Don't you feel good about that? You should.