Saturday, December 16, 2006

Keeping Up with Political Events, (and other useless things...)

I will continue to be faithful to my charter, seen in the upper section of this blog, namely the "POLITICS" item. For political junkies, addicted as you are to all things political, here is a link to an MSNBC "Political Calendar," leading all the way up to the Apocalypse, otherwise known as election day 2008. It is quite possible, some may even say probable, that we will have a woman President on that day. A great day for America (depending on the identity and political beliefs of the woman, of course), surely.

I'll tell you whom I want for President: Mayor Thomas Carcetti of Baltimore, MD, that's who. Unless he ends up being like all the rest of them, which, after the latest episode of The Wire (HBO), looks like it may turn out to be the case. Sadly, he is not a real person. Dang! Anyway, you can click here to check out MSNBC's Political Calendar.