Friday, December 22, 2006

Keep a Second Desktop in Cyberspace

Do you hate having to schlep computer files back and forth between work and home? Yes, you can email yourself, or create a data CD, or use a thumb drive, but all of those methods are a pain in the behind. You have to remember to transfer the files you need, doing it takes time you don't really have (and you know the bigger the hurry, the more likely it becomes that your computer will mulishly defy your will), and you will always be trying to figure out which copy is the most recent one. Not a bit of fun.

Here’s an idea. What if you could have a virtual desktop that could store up to a gigabyte of data, had applications like word-processing and spreadsheets, address book, email, IM and live chat, message boards, your own blog, RSS reader, MP3 player, and more? You can keep stuff there that you can access from any Internet-connected computer. Sounds like an excellent idea, right? And it’s free. Don’t you love it? Nothing to download, takes 2 minutes to sign up and you’re good to go.

It’s called Desktoptwo. Get it? Check it out here.