Friday, December 15, 2006

If You Think, You Need Thinkature!

Part of the value of Barry's Best blog, and why you should definitely subscribe (costs nothing!), is that I take the time to find useful information that you would probably never hear about, and that I take the time to try what I find myself, weeding out what doesn't work as advertised or is illegitimate for one reason or another, before I recommend it to you here. That's a valuable service, and I enjoy doing it for you. Here's a very very cool tool for collaborating with others on any project (it has chat and audio/camera features, so you can talk to the people you're working with), or for helping yourself organize and plan your own ideas. I'm using it to think through my own business plans. Please give it a try by clicking here. (PS: I don't get anything for you signing up for any of the things I recommend.)