Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guess How Much You Owe!

According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, it's a hefty sum indeed. Each U.S. citizen's (illegals don't owe anything, I guess) share of the national debt, at the time of this posting, was $28,675! Yowza! And it's going up like a SaturnV, at the rate of $1.34 billion per day. It seems that we have come to a point in our nation's history when the real problems of the day cannot be solved, simply due to the way our political system works (or doesn't work). There are too many entrenched interest groups who contribute too much loot for congress to find and execute genuine solutions to looming crises like Social Security, trade deficits, budget deficits and the national debt. There are many voices laying blame and prognosticating about the future, but the truth is, no one knows how things will turn out. We can only hope that something or someone can flush the goo that is blocking our hardening political arteries. (Click on the image to visit the web site.)