Thursday, December 07, 2006

Common Errors in English Usage

No matter how experienced you are in writing, there will be some issues in using the English language that you aren't sure about. Surely. No? You know it all, then? Alright, just pipe down, I'm speaking to people who understand they aren't perfect. So, you're writing away, and your stream of consciousness spurts out something onto the paper, or the computer screen. (No, don't go there.) You look at it and wonder why it doesn't look right. You aren't sure if what you wrote is grammatically correct. What do you do? Or, perhaps you write or say something that a very annoying person claims is incorrect. That's how they say it, too, like, "That is incorrect." You argue with them, but they are horribly immovable on the point. What do you do? I have the answer! Once again Barry rides to the rescue. Check out this great solution. It has links to hundreds of common errors, all sorted alphabetically so any error is simple to find. Don't wait for something like one of the above-mentioned scenarios to happen to you. Be prepared by bookmarking this site. You won't regret it.

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