Thursday, December 14, 2006

Care for Some Classics, Perchance?

As I write more and more, I find I want to write better and better. I have started thinking about ways to improve (just writing a lot is a very good way) and, to that end, given considerable thought to reading the classics. I was forced by the school system to read several works by Thomas Hardy as a lad, to the point where I and my classmates began to speak in a marvelously 19th century cadence and vocabulary. Not since then, I don't believe, have I set eyes on any work older than I am. Only now, in my late 40s, am I ready to return to the classics. Perhaps you would like to find some classic books that you can read in the comfort of your favorite desk chair and will have to spend not a farthing to acquire? If so, please visit The Gutenberg Project, which has 20,000 free books in its catalog. You may click here to go there.