Friday, December 01, 2006

Author Highlight: Elizabeth Moon - The Speed of Dark

From time to time I set aside some space to tell you about an author I've discovered who will knock your Nikes off. Today, it's Elizabeth Moon. I happened upon The Speed of Dark one day; the title was intriguing, and the dustcover caught my eye. I've come to a point where I can tell if I'm going to like a book within one or two paragraphs, and in this case I was instantly hooked. I loved the protagonist, and the story and characters were superb. After reading this one, I searched for more books by this author. All I could find were space trilogy-type books. What the heck? But then I remembered that great authors can pull you in no matter what genre they're attempting. So I recently checked out Engaging the Enemy, featuring the young space captain Kylara Vatta. Wouldn't you know it, I was hooked again. I ended up going back and reading the previous two in the series, Trading in Danger and Marque and Reprisal. I can't wait for the next one (hopefully there will be more in the series).

It's always fun to discover an author you love to read. Elizabeth Moon is definitely one of those. I highly recommend her.

Speed of Dark
Speed of Dark