Friday, December 01, 2006

Alternative Browsers

Everyone knows about Internet Explorer. Many people know about and prefer Firefox. Some use Netscape. Others use Opera. Then there's Maxthon. And Flock (see an earlier post about this cool browser). Who really needs all of these different browsers, anyway. You do. You just don't know it. Seriously, every browser messes up once in a while, right? Especially IE. Even Firefox has its problems. That's why I have a slew of 'em. And I always have the latest release, too. When one of them is giving me trouble with a particular thing I'm trying to do, why then I just try another. If I get a little tired of one, there are many others. For your pleasure and convenience, here are the links to some of my favorites alternatives:
PS: For an email client, I swear by Thunderbird. Get it here.