Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Favorite Topics

OK, here's a short list of my favorite topics. My blog won't necessarily be limited to these, but I'll be posting on these topics:
  • Christianity- I'm a Christian, became one in 1977. The church I was involved in for 27 years had some cultic tendencies, so I left after finally seeing the light. I'm now a member of St. Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida.
  • Science - If I'd used my college degree I'd be a physics teacher. I didn't, so I'm not. But I love learning about new discoveries in almost any field of science, from cosmology and brane theory to complex systems and chaos.
  • Fiction - I'm a voracious reader. Some of my favorite authors are Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Charles Wilson, John Sandford, Mo Hayder, Lee Child, James Ellroy, Giles Blunt, Elizabeth Moon, Patricia Cornwell, James Lee Burke, Tom Wolfe, etc.
  • Politics - I'm a conservative with a libertarian bent. From time to time I might be interested in commenting on stuff that's in the news.
  • Computer Tech - I love computers! From my very first (a Trash 80), I've been entranced. As far as I'm concerned, the PC has made everything that can be done on a PC a fun thing to do. I love spreadsheets and databases, wireless routers and USB hubs. I like to help people with computer problems (and sometimes get paid for it). From time to time I'll probably post about things I'm learning and fixing.
And that's it. Other topics that are brought up by readers of my blog, may turn out to be interesting too. We'll see.